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Undergraduate Essay Competition 2022

Are you looking for a competitive edge when applying for internship ? Are you interested in how Economics can be applied to contemporary issues ? Want to stand out in CVs, cover letters, and other application?

Come join the essay competition held by Durham University Economics Society!


Undergraduate students who study Economics as part of their degree.


Two £50 Amazon Vouchers for

1) The best Fresher essay

2) The overall winner


The essay should be a short opinion piece of 1,000 words and provide an answer to one of the following questions using sound economic reasoning.


  1. ‘Cash is yesterday’s currency.’ The popularity of cryptocurrencies has caught the attention of governments across the world. Are Central Bank Digital Currencies the correct step towards a cashless society?

  2. ‘How much do you pay a hero?’ Should healthcare workers receive a pay rise following the pandemic?

  3. ‘Are countries COP-ing out?’ Have recent environmental agreements done enough to address the issue of climate change?

  4. ‘Take from the rich to give to the poor.’ How should the UK best approach redistributing wealth as inequality continues to rise?

  5. ‘What is more important: the health of the economy or the health of the public?’ Was the UK lockdown the best approach to the threat posed by Covid-19?

  6. ‘Clout or specialisation?’ Now that Britain has left the EU it can negotiate its own specialised trade deals but many fear without the EU, it will lack bargaining power. Which will be more important for the post-Brexit British economy?


Please submit all entries by email to economics.society@durham.ac.uk by Friday 14th January, 2022.

The winners will be announced by the end of January.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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